Open on Sunday? Please and thank you!

The Sunday struggle in Paris: woke up late, it's about 2pm, the supermarket is closed, all the restaurants on my block are closed, I leave the apartment and suddenly I live in a post-apocalyptic city, damn you Jesus! 

Well at least I have the Internet, that's a nice thing, so I can do some research. Crossing the Canal St. Martin to Quai de Jemmapes, I turn left on Rue Bichat and I start to get a glimpse of normality, starting with number 48, where a beautiful coffee shop called La Chambre aux Oiseaux unites the parisian bobos. The place is very attractive, it looks comfortable, the people seem nice and you can smell the coffee from the street but unfortunately the place is often booked on sundays so you better keep walking. 

Taken from La Chambre aux Oiseaux's tumblr.
The next place you'll encounter is probably on the corner of Rue Bichat and Avenue Richarand, it is called American Kitchen and it is a personal favorite. I've had so many opportunities in the past to write about this place considering I've eaten there multiple times, but I always forgot to take pictures as I'm so anxious to eat when I get there. Order whatever you feel like it, everything is delicious, specially the cheeseburger. Just keep in mind that this is not a formal restaurant, it is a very casual one, everyone is really young so the atmosphere is very relaxed, it is perfect for a dinner with friends and colleagues. What caught my eye about this restaurant was its timetable, American Kitchen opens everyday from 8am to 2am, nonstop, unlike anything else in Paris. Absolutely perfect for a late Sunday lunch. 

Neon sign inside American Kitchen
But if you don't fancy an american dish, you can always walk one more block and you'll find Maria Luisa, an italian restaurant, but a good one. How rare is it in Paris to find a super nice italian place? Therefore I strongly advice you to try this one. Maria Luisa has great pizzas, great atmosphere, great service and they have a flexible timetable as well, not as flexible as American Kitchen, but almost equivalent. They open on weekends from 12pm to 11:30pm and from Monday to Friday from 12pm to 2:30pm and from 7:30pm to 11pm.

Delicious margherita!
Maria Luisa's entrance on a rainy day

48, Rue Bichat 75010 Paris
Contact: 01 40 28 98 49
Wen-Sun 11am-6pm

49 Rue Bichat (Avenue Richerand), 75010 Paris
Contact: 01 42 08 75 21
Mon-Sun 8am-2am nonstop

2, Rue Marie et Louise 75010 Paris
Contact:  01 44 84 04 01
Mon-Fri 12pm-2:30pm and 7:30pm-11pm
Sat-Sun 12pm-11:30pm


  1. looks so cozy <3 makes you wanna live there forever <3

  2. I became a fan of your blog, my dear! I will follow you with all my heart!

    Sara ♥
    Little Tiny Pieces of Me

  3. It looks like the margherita pizza was not deeply baked. How many minutes was the waiting time?

    1. The margherita pizza was nicely cooked and very tasty but I don't think this picture makes it justice, sorry.

  4. wow this is the other side of Paris something that you don't read about in other blogs,, who knew that groceries and restaurants are closed on Sundays in Paris

  5. Beautiful looking place! And the margherita looks yummy :)

  6. Olá Teresa! Obrigada pelo comentário no meu blogue! O teu já está na minha lista de leituras diárias :)

  7. I've never been in Paris but if there will be a chance to visit this beautiful city I will use your blog as a guide, for sure ! :)

  8. Gorgeous blogpost, I love your pictures and I need to visit Paris asap I think hihi :D
    Followed you thanks to the facebook group linkswap and would be honored if you followed me back :)

    xoxo Saranda

  9. ah, i have that sunday struggle as well here in the states, trying to find a place open late on a sunday afternoon to eat! i love your photographs here and i wish i could visit this place!

    lindsey louise