BIo Burger

I found this little restaurant by chance, I was already interested in the burger scene in Paris, since there's a lot of gourmet or alternative burger restaurants and they tend to be cheaper than an actual restaurant or bistro, so I became a fan of this wide concept.

As I was walking down Rue Lafayette I got a glimpse of the restaurant, I wrote a note on my phone and I got back there as soon as I could. The next weekend I went to Versailles, I took the train at Gare Saint-Lazare and as I was coming back to Paris it occurred to me that the restaurant was fairly close to the train station so I decided to go there for dinner. It was tasty and cheap! I found Bio Burger to be one of the cheapest burger restaurants I went so far. The menu with burger, french fries and a drink was 10.50€ and if you ask for the veggie version they subtract .50€ from the check! This concept is so clever, the veggie version attracts more people because it's cheaper and not the other way around like usual, so I actually paid less to eat healthier.I highly recommend this place, it's delicious and cheap. They have two location in Paris, the Bio Burger Victoire and the Bio Burger Choiseul. I'll leave you with the addresses and if you're ever in the area don't miss it!

46, passage Choiseul

75002 Paris

10, rue de la Victoire 

75009 Paris

The place has really nice and hip interiors, great to go with friends
Small and cosy room in the restaurant


  1. Looks like such a lovely restaurant, love the great interior. And burger places tend to be so good and delicious :)

  2. I loved how the ambiance had a cozy look. I wonder why it'd called Bio though :)

    1. Because everything is bio:) you can get that information from the first picture.
      Bio stands for organic, the products are produced "with limited modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers" (wikipedia)

  3. Wow! The place looks nice! The interior is perfect!! :D

  4. It looks lovely. This makes me miss Paris so much. I'll get back one of these days.

  5. love your blog!

  6. Such a quaint little place. I absolutely adore how cozy it is. Great find! Wish I could be at Paris to see it.


  7. Such an edgy and cool place! So vintage-y! ♥