Square Georges Cain and Institut Suédois

This is a beautiful little garden in the Marais area in Paris, it's not as crowded as the big gardens (like Luxembourg) and it's not as lonely as some of the smaller ones. Since it is in the Marais (3e arrondissement) the street is very busy and crowded sometimes, but the curious thing is as soon as you walk in this garden there's a very calm atmosphere. You see people reading, people with their laptops (yes, there's free wi-fi), people sitting in the grass, kids wandering around.. Everything looks very smooth and cool.

On the other side of the street form the garden there's the Institut Suédois. Today was a sunny day so as you walked in there was a terrace full of tables with people chatting, drinking coffee and eating cakes from the pretty cafeteria inside the Institut. The terrace is surrounded by the entrance of the Institut, the cafeteria and a small exhibition room that had an expo d'illustration contemporaine with works by Emelie Östergren for example, the exhibition is on just until the 20th October. 

The address of the Institut is: 11 Rue Payenne 75003 Paris, the garden is right in front of it.
The nearest metro station is Saint Paul.

Square Georges Cain

Garden, Square Georges Cain

Garden, Square Georges Cain

Institut Suédois

Emelie Östergren

Expo Illustration Contemporaine

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