Alibabette Editions and some memories

I bought a sort of special notebook a couple of weeks ago at Centre Pompidou, and at first I was just buying it for the design, it is truly gorgeous. But then I had the idea of putting together all my memories from Paris in a notebook, creating a sort of tacky collage with my museum tickets, pamphlets, postcards, therefore whatever I kept during my stay in Paris. And this turned out to be the perfect notebook to do that, this and any other notebook from Alibabette Editions. This brand creates incredibly elegant products that give you the ultimate pleasure of writing or drawing.

These are just a few notebooks that you can find at their online boutique but I think the most beautiful ones are sold in stores across Paris, like the one I bought at Pompidou: 

My precious Alibabette notebook

They are all around the papeteries of Paris, they have a directory of stores in their website.
The first 4 pictures are taken from their website:, the other ones are taken by me.


  1. Notebook as a collage, why not! That's a fab idea and you are right, those notebooks are gorgeous!