Blend + La Cantine de Merci

Woke up late, the power was off in the apartment, nothing to eat. 
I had to go out for some late afternoon lunch and as I was walking through Boulevard Beaumarchais I came across this Gourmet Burger thing, it was open and ready to take my order at 4pm! So I got in and took a look at the menu that is quite generous for a burger place, it even had one with salmon and a bunch of other stuff. I wasn't brave enough to try it out so I got the Herbs Burger with sweet potato fries, that are nice but you kinda get sick of them after a while. The average menu, burger+french fries+soft drink, is 15€ (regular Paris price I guess). The employees are likeable and polite, and the place itself is nicely decorated and the area around it is quite fine to visit, specially with Merci right next to it.

Merci is a big open space store with a wide range of products from kitchen material to clothing and stationary department, the products are carefully designed and greatly good looking therefore are really expensive as well. The fun fact is that all the profits go to foundations that have as a purpose help kids with disadvantages. 
Merci also has three restaurants/cafeterias, so after the big burger lunch I went for a visit of the Merci store and got a Light Cheesecake and a tasty Tea in La Cantine Merci, perfect dessert and ending to a heavy but delicious meal. 

The burger place is called Blend Hamburger Gourmet and has two restaurant in Paris: 
44 Rue d'Argout 75002 and 1 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire 75003

Merci is right next to it on 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris

Blend Burger menu

Best burger bread

Merci's entrance
La Cantine Merci

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