Le 37 m2's brunch

So Sunday is the best day to get some brunch right? Today I went to a place called Le 37 m2 near Montmartre, the concept is basically adapted taiwanese food. When I was going in I was thinking 'hum, too heavy for brunch maybe', as I was ordering I was already thinking 'the menu looks very good', by the time I was eating, I was loving it. It's not the typical salmon and eggs brunch but this alternative is really nice.
As every brunch in the city, it's not very cheap. The menu costs 25€ and it comes with one drink (coffee, bubble tea, ...), a special taiwanese tea, some bread and jam. You can then chose a main course (between les gambas, poulet frit, ...), there's a salad, rice, a small omelet and a fruit salad to go with it. And at last, you have the dessert - all included in the menu. 
So, for my point of view, you pay 25€ but you also eat a lot, and everything is very very good. 

I had a citron bubble tea, prawns and for dessert a crème brûlée with a light almond flavor in it - quite tasty I must say.

The address is: 68 Rue Rodier, 75009 Paris
Here's their blog and facebook page:

Main Courses

Crème Brûlée

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